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About the American Board of Functional Medicine

The Board of Functional Medicine provides a code of professional regulations for ensuring the highest degree of ethical and moral practice by physicians and non-physician practitioners. The Board also monitor Functional Medicine practitioners to ensure they meet requisite continuing educational requirements. The Board strives to assure consumers are receiving the highest quality care who have graduated from accredited programs.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the American Board of Functional Medicine (ABFM) is to enhance a greater clinical understanding of biological function & clinical nutrition among physicians and healthcare professionals with a common interest in functional medicine and to promote the application of such knowledge to ensure greater patient outcomes and doctor satisfaction. 



Why a national examination board for functional medicine?

The goal of the American Board of Functional Medicine is to create a public standard of educational requirements and diagnostic skills for practitioners advertising themselves as functional medicine practitioners.

Prior to the ABFM, no standards existed for one of the fastest growing medical specialties. Patients and referring physicians were completely unaware of the doctor's "functional medicine" training or experience. As we are all now fully aware, there is a great disparity between the educational backgrounds of these practitioners. While some have completed only a weekend course others have opted for a more rigorous academic program.

The Board servers as a national credentialing agency to ensure the integrity and competency of the education for practitioners of functional medicine. I am proud to have been a part of such a historic board and look forward to its ongoing success.

A personal note from the founder - Dr. Patrick Garrett






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