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Diplomate Certification Renewal

The Board requires the highest quality of patient care and enhanced clinical judgment through life long educational learning. In accordance with the growing wealth of knowledge that is afforded a doctor specializing in functional medicine, it is vital for certificants to renew their certification every two years. Certification hours can be completed through educational seminars and self-evaluations.

What is required for Re-Certification?

  • Credential Verification
    All candidates for Certification and Maintenance of Certification must possess a valid, unrestricted, and unchallenged medical license in the jurisdiction where they practice. Candidates with licenses that are restricted, suspended, revoked or surrendered in lieu of disciplinary action in any jurisdiction will be denied admission to a certifying examination or denied re-certification. Restrictions include but are not limited to conditions, contingencies, probation and stipulated agreements.

If a candidate or a physician has a history of substance abuse, documentation of at least one year of continuous sobriety from a reliable monitoring source must be submitted to the Board for admission to an examination or to receive a certificate. The Board treats such information as confidential.

  • Continuing Education Hours
    You must complete 20 hours of continuing education in areas that relate to functional medicine.

Question regarding continuing education hours?

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